I discovered art at a young age. One early memory I have is telling my older sister and her friend that I can draw the pages of my coloring book. Of course they didn’t believe me so I set out to prove it. With a lot of practice I was able to recreate the scenes in the book by freehand. After that I went through all of mine and my younger sister’s coloring books several times over. Hunting for more things to draw I soon discovered the world of comics. I was instantly hooked on the fantastical word they offered as well as inspired by the great art. I would read every page and then try and draw what I saw. Eventually creating my own characters and comic books. Around middle school I discovered the fine arts. Again mesmerized by the amazing art and the stories and myths they told. Feeling like this art was more ‘adult’ I left behind comics to focus of painting, sculpture etc. Unfortunately after graduating from high school and a disastrous semester at college I slowly drifted away from art as I joined the so called real world. Spending several years there and discovering it really wasn’t for me. My need to be creative and to be doing something artistic won out and I decided to go back to school. I chose to study Graphic Design, thinking that that would be the perfect mix of real world and art. But after a short stint in the field, I discovered I hated every moment of it. By a twist of fate I stumbled back to art, illustration and comic art and have been seeking that path since.